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design Massimo Mariani

It is thought as a bookcase made of long “segments”.
By developing an innovative concept, it shows itself as a strong “sign” whose proportions, out of ordinary measures, connote, through one or more elements, the wall of the living room or of the office so significantly that a simple definition of it as a bookcase is no sufficient to describe it.  
The result is that, because of these proportions, the entire wall becomes part of the composition.  
Internally a series of accessories can be inserted: boxes and baskets, writing-shelves, computer work station facilities. These accessories can be rotated or translated so allowing a great personalisation and a wide functionality.
Thanks to this flexibility, Longue becomes the expression of different stories depending on its user’s functional and esthetical needs.  
Having its same dimensional modules, Longue can be linked to Libre system and enlarges its potentiality in many ways thanks to its accessories that can be freely placed.



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