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design Piero Esposito

A warming and comfortable house, a bright and cosy space are the suggestions from which Atlanta sofa draws inspiration. Thanks to its spacious seats and its simple, straight lines it reconfigures the space softly. The sobriety of style, its elegant and harmonic proportions make of Atlanta the hearth of a convivial and restful place.Its versatility allows an endless variety of combinations responding to the differing functional needs. Its spaciousness, as well as its feather-cushions, assure plenty of comfort while the internal polyurethane structure allows them to “regain the figure”, coming back to their original shape.Being even the backrest made up of feather-cushions, an effect of “total softness” is achieved. A series of additional cushions, of different sizes and matchable covers widens Atlanta functional possibilities and makes it even more comfortable.

abaco atlanta




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