In 2001 Targa Italia opened in Milan a showroom open to the public and subtitled Design ex-factory ( " free factory " design, directly in the factory ).

This space is intended for the presentation of new products to its customers as well as for a retail outlet.It is not a mere chance that this showroom should be located in one of those Milan areas where different realities are mingled.

Publishing and advertising companies can be found next to old factories waiting to be reused, to a Tramway Company depot in a Milan dimension after Sironi's Style.To us this site has also become the place where we design and experiment the furniture and objects destined to mass-production.A kind of " laboratory " where, stage by stage, we can obtain a product to suggest, which can always have an idea and keep our initial energy that has fed our research.

Targa Italia Space is also the place where the expositive manners most appropriated to the product are tested, the mix of products populating Targa Space is always the result of an original research, of an experimentation made by Targa itself.This space is also the centre of collateral manifestations that will periodically supplement our work, as a stimulous to research, as a mere form of curiosity towards the other arts and the outside world.





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