design Piero Esposito 2017
The Saguaro is a large-size cactus growing in Arizona and Mexico.
While Saguaro dutifully carries out its coat-hanger’s role, it is not at all out of place when it sits idle, waiting to be put to use, resembling an evocative domestic cactus.
It is the result of a substantial artisan work, crafted by hand, fully made of stainless steel.

design Piero Esposito 2016
MINI BOOKIE – As Bookie’s little sister, it shares the same technical solutions and materials. Measuring cm 84 by 95, it is light and versatile. It can easily be hung on a wall and be fitted (arranged) side by side until the entire surface is filled up, like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Components can be rotated by 90 degrees so that each user’s creative wishes can be satisfied in the best possible way.
It’s an “open-plan” modular bookcase. It resembles a cellular structure, an organism growing in all directions, with differently spaced dimensions, reminiscent of elemental material concretions.
It is then suitable to contain or display books and accessories differing in type and size. The structure is made of matt-lacquered white MDF, 10 mm thick.

design Massimo Mariani
It is thought as a bookcase made of long “segments”.
By developing an innovative concept, it shows itself as a strong “sign” whose proportions, out of ordinary measures, connote, through one or more elements, the wall of the living room or of the office so significantly that a simple definition of it as a bookcase is no sufficient to describe it.  
The result is that, because of these proportions, the entire wall becomes part of the composition.  
Internally a series of accessories can be inserted: boxes and baskets, writing-shelves, computer work station facilities. These accessories can be rotated or translated so allowing a great personalisation and a wide functionality.
Thanks to this flexibility, Longue becomes the expression of different stories depending on its user’s functional and esthetical needs.  
Having its same dimensional modules, Longue can be linked to Libre system and enlarges its potentiality in many ways thanks to its accessories that can be freely placed.
design by Targa Research and Development Department
“Bookie” develops the theme of a modular “open scheme” bookcase.
It is like a cellular structure, an organism developing itself in different directions with alveoluses of irregular dimensions suggesting the idea of concretions of matter similar to the ones existing in Nature. The alveoluses adapt themselves to books and objects of different sizes.
The structure is in 10 cm thick MDF, in white embossed lacquered finish. It measures cm 120 (length) x 210 (height) x 29,5 (width) and offers different compositional and modular possibilities. The configuration of the module and the possibility of concatenating it into a string allow a great dimensional flexibility.
design Piero Esposito
Armchair supported by a tubular metal frame and covered by a stretchy multilayer load bearing fabric with sheets of different thickness varying in coincidence with selected pressure points.
The construction characteristics give to this seat special effects of lightness, sculptural quality and chromaticity.
The seat covers is available in one or two colours such as red, white, black, green, orange and purple.
Starting from this year the chaise long model will be available too.
design Piero Esposito
A warming and comfortable house, a bright and cosy space are the suggestions from which Atlanta sofa draws inspiration. Thanks to its spacious seats and its simple, straight lines it reconfigures the space softly. The sobriety of style, its elegant and harmonic proportions make of Atlanta the hearth of a convivial and restful place.Its versatility allows an endless variety of combinations responding to the differing functional needs. Its spaciousness, as well as its feather-cushions, assure plenty of comfort while the internal polyurethane structure allows them to “regain the figure”, coming back to their original shape.Being even the backrest made up of feather-cushions, an effect of “total softness” is achieved. A series of additional cushions, of different sizes and matchable covers widens Atlanta functional possibilities and makes it even more comfortable.
design Piero Esposito
"OPENING" is a kitchen, the first product of BAUPLAN, a new brand of Targa Italia. A fine piece of furniture and a kitchen at the same time, Opening appears as a block of precious wood, totally smooth, absent and essential: when it is closed it does not reveal its being a kitchen, which however hides astonishing potentialities inside. As a matter of fact, once it is opened and thanks to its rotating and sliding devices, Opening proves to be able to create always different arrangements, convivial spaces where cooking becomes a shared experience while the wide sliding pull-out table can be, from time to time, something to lean on, to have dinner on, to talk around , to work…
design Telli Muraglia Piero Esposito
This table is inspired by the shapes of nature. It doesn’t follow the formal and functional pattern of the tables with regular geometry. Its sinuous shapes enable an easier relation between the object and the interior around it as well as a better use the man can do of it. Three are the available versions: small, medium and big.
The top finishes are the following: Wood in several iridescent veneers and lacquered in different colours with anti-scratch treatment.
Metal legs can be chromed or lacquered same colours as the top.

design Piero Esposito 2006
“Malmo” Chair is freely inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition. Seat and backrest are in curved plywood while the frame is in solid oak: a traditional technique still suitable to manufacture chairs with topical shapes.
Finishes: bleached oak and wenge dyed oak.
Two are the available versions: chair and small armchair with armrests.

Design Massimo Mariani
LIBRE means free, but it sounds as well as book. The word reveals completely the meaning of the object.
LIBRE keeps books and volums of small and big format, it is a “Lego brick” through which you can build a house made by books.
It is a network which develops in completely freedom like a plot of thoughs in movement.
Bookcase made by a single module, extensible as you want, free-standing or to the wall, bench, little table.
Realized in two kinds of wood and aluminium.



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